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Suno music free download

Free Download Of Suno
Copy The Suno Link, Paste It Below And Download It To Get The .Mp3 File, Lyrics, Cover And Synopsis Of The Song!
How to Download Suno Songs?
  • Step 1 Copy Suno'S Song Link
    1. Use a browser to open suno.com
    2. Select the song you like, and click 'copy song link'

    Here are some examples of Suno's sharing links. You can refer to (Click to copy):

    · https://suno.com/song/dd6d2555-04ef-4f11-a3be-a109676ce4be

    · https://suno.com/song/c70cf7fa-1a20-46cf-8580-bf7781880595

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How to use suno-top.com
You can use our website on all devices with a browser installed, for any operating system (Windows 7, 10, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.). Compared to browser extensions, downloading through our website is easy, the only difference is that you need to perform an extra step. See below for details.
Copy music link
Find the song from Suno AI you want to save and copy the link from the share icon. You can find detailed instructions in the 'How to use suno-top.com to download suno songs' section.
Paste the link into the input box
Open suno-top.com in a new tab and paste the URL into the form at the top of the page. Then click the 'Download' button on the right to get the song.
Download SUNO songs
Once you press the button, within seconds the song will be downloaded through your browser and stored in your default downloads folder.
Suno custom mode skills

1. Creative AI Music Crafting: Techniques for Live Performances, Beat Enhancements, and Instrumental Nuances

A couple prompts (using custom mode) I’ve had success with:

1. Making it a ‘live performance.’ Really fun for covers.

Styles: “Live audience,” “crowd singing,” “live arena rock,” “live piano ballad,” “live music”

Lyrics: try starting it out with “(talking) how are you feeling out there? Sing it with me! (Crowd cheers)”

2. Add scratching to beats

Styles: “DJ scratching,” “turntablism”

Example Lyrics: “[DJ scratching] (y-y-y-yo) (li-li-listen up)”

3. Being very specific with instruments

Example Style: “Ethiopian jazz piano” will be much less generic than just “piano”

4. For hip hop beats, making it use ‘sampled’ vocals

Styles: “pitched soul sample,” “sampled track” Example Lyrics: “[high pitched soul sample, sped up] (My love) (Ooohhhhh my love)”

5. Vocal effects Styles: “vocoder,” “talk box” (limited success with these)

2. Mix different types of results

1. I'm trying to mix various genres that normally don't work together.

2. You can even make the vocalist scream by putting [scream] before the lyrics

3. If you part your lyrics into sections like [verse], [pre-chorus], [bridge], [chorus], [instrumental], [drop] etc. it also helps

4. You can even change the song and give it more variability by adding [Change of rythm] (almost always works for me) or if you want to end the song, just add [End of the song]. It works most of the time

5. This works only sometimes, but you can even try to add accents. I found two ways for that:

Write the name of the nationality in the prompt. Like "Russian hiphop" or "spanish pop" etc. and write your lyrics in other language than that like in English for example

Write it straight to the prompt "russian accent" etc.

6. It's weird most of the time but sometimes it's fun. You can change the genre mid song (in extend, write different genre)

7. Trying more specific or underground sub-genres or write the genre as most specific as you can. It can be pretty surprising sometimes how accurate it can be to your imagination.

3. Harmonizing Creativity: The Unique Choral Effects of AI-Human Collaboration in Songwriting

We know that we can separate the lyrics with round brackets - as listed here and in the wiki - according to individual sections such as (chorus), (prechorus), (break) etc. and that these are very likely to be interpreted differently. Since I accidentally mistyped something in round brackels, I noticed that Suno sings regular words in round brackets like a chorus / choir (depending on the genre), for example, something like that gives me an extremely good result:

set me free!

set me free!



I've been using it in every song since then, depending on the genre it's sung differently in brackets, sometimes whispered, sometimes dipped in reverb, it brings in a lot of variety for me. And the best thing is that it almost always works ;) It may have been mentioned before, but I love this effect.

In order not to make a promo, I made two examples with different interpretations of this lyric prompt:

4. Duet Dynamics: Crafting Emotional Ballads with AI-Generated Voices

You can get multiple singers and a duet (with a little effort). Add a [Male Voice], [Male Singer] or something similar tag in the lyrics AND add verbage to the style of music (Male Singer, Male Voice, etc.)... The duet is the most difficult part but if you add duet verbage, say male and female voices, etc. to the lyrics and say [Male and Female Voices] in the lyrics you can get it with a few trys. Also using Voices with an "s" definetly helped the generation.


Edited for clarity:

Do a seperate generation for each verse/ chorus that you want to change the singer on, extend and then combine before you extend again, then just extend from the end of the verse (not the end of the song) where you liked the sound!

5. Mastering Musical Transitions: A Guide to Stylistic Shifts and AI-Generated Music

In my recent tests, I've starting playing around with changing the actual style prompt as well as using metatags in the lyrics prompt, and it seems to take this into account. For instance, say I'm making an Alternative song, the style prompt might read: "Alternative, Alt-Rock, Male Vocal" after a verse and chorus, I want a jazzy bridge, so in the extension where I have the "[Bridge]" metatag in the lyrics prompt, I also erase and change the style prompt to read: "Jazz, Male Vocal" or sometimes "Jazz Bridge, Male Vocal" I've had decent success with this, but like with all things, it's still a little iffy.

If you're light on tokens, it's worth noting that sometimes it will take an additional extension with the new style to give the AI time to shift gears, in my experience. So it may be better to change the style prompt and leave room before the actual bridge you want to jazzify, for instance with an [Instrumental Interlude] or something along those lines. This also applies to rhythm changes, adding instruments, or changing mood/key/mode.

As always though, all of these tips should be taken with the caveat that sometimes it just will not do what you want. It's still early in it's lifespan, and it will probably never be perfect.

6. Creative AI Music Crafting:Enhancing Musical Creativity: A Guide to Using Song BPM and Key for Composition and Effectively Labeling Lyrics for AI Interpretation

1.If you want to refer to the rhythm of an existing song, you can check the BPM and Key of the song on this website and write it in as a prompt.

2. In the lyrics, you can add [Verse] (main song), [Rap] (rap), [Chorus] (chorus/climax), and [Intro] (introduction) before the lyric paragraph to better tell the AI this. How should the lyrics be sung.

8. Creative AI Music Crafting: Music genres, styles, and song types currently supported by Suno



- Bluegrass(草莓乐)

- Country(乡村音乐)

- Folk(民谣)


- Afro-Cuban(阿弗罗-古巴)

- Dance Pop(流行舞曲)

- Disco(迪斯科)

- Dubstep(配音步)

- Disco Funk(迪斯科放克)

- EDM(电子舞曲)

- Electro(电子)

- High-NRG(高能量)

- House(浩室音乐)

- Trance(迷幻舞曲)


- Ambient(环境音)

- Drum'n'bass(鼓与贝斯)

- Dubstep(配音步)

- Electronic(电子音乐)

- IDM(智能舞曲)

- Synthpop(合成流行)

- Synthwave(合成波)

- Techno(技术音乐)

- Trap(陷阱音乐)


- Bebop(比博普)

- Gospel(福音)

- Jazz(爵士)

- Latin Jazz(拉丁爵士)

- RnB(节奏蓝调)

- Soul(灵魂乐)


- Dancehall(舞厅)

- Dub(配音)

- Reggae(雷鬼)

- Reggaeton(雷盖顿)

- Afrobeat(非洲节奏)


- Black Metal(黑金属)

- Deathcore(死亡核)

- Death Metal(死亡金属)

- Festive Heavy Metal(节日重金属)

- Heavy Metal(重金属)

- Nu Metal(新金属)

- Power Metal(力量金属)

- Metalcore(金属核)


- Pop(流行音乐)

- Dance Pop(流行舞曲)

- Pop Rock(流行摇滚)

- Kpop(韩流音乐)

- Jpop(日流音乐)

- RnB(节奏蓝调)

- Synthpop(合成流行)


- Classic Rock(经典摇滚)

- Blues Rock(布鲁斯摇滚)

- Emo(情绪)

- Glam Rock(华丽摇滚)

- Indie(独立音乐)

- Industrial Rock(工业摇滚)

- Punk(朋克摇滚)

- Rock(摇滚)

- Skate Rock(滑板摇滚)

- Skatecore(滑板核)


- Funk(放克)

- HipHop(嘻哈)

- RnB(节奏蓝调)

- Phonk(酸音乐)

- Rap(说唱)

- Trap(陷阱音乐)



- Disco(迪斯科)

- Syncopated(切分节奏)

- Groovy(悠扬)

- Tipsy(微醺)


- Dark(黑暗)

- Doom(末日)

- Dramatic(戏剧性)

- Sinister(阴险)


- Art(艺术)

- Nu(新流行)

- Progressive(进步)


- Aggressive(激进)

- Banger(热门曲目)

- Power(力量)

- Stadium(体育场)

- Stomp(重踏)


- Broadway(百老汇)

- Cabaret(歌舞表演)

- Lounge(酒吧歌手)

- Operatic(歌剧式的)

- Storytelling(讲故事)

- Torch-Lounge(酒吧歌曲)

- Theatrical(戏剧性的)

- Troubadour(吟游诗人)

- Vegas(拉斯维加斯风格)


- Ethereal(虚幻)

- Majestic(雄伟)

- Mysterious(神秘)


- Ambient(环境音乐)

- Cinematic(电影)

- Slow(缓慢)

- Sparse(稀疏)


- Glam(华丽)

- Glitter(闪耀)

- Groovy(悠扬)

- Grooveout(活力爆发)


- Ambient(环境音乐)

- Bedroom(卧室)

- Chillwave(轻松浪潮)

- Ethereal(虚幻)

- Intimate(亲密)


- Carnival(嘉年华)

- Haunted(鬼屋)

- Random(随机)

- Musicbox(音乐盒)

- Hollow(空洞)


- Arabian(阿拉伯)

- Bangra(班格拉舞)

- Calypso(卡利普索)

- Egyptian(埃及)

- Adhan(安讫)

- Jewish Music(犹太音乐)

- Klezmer(克莱兹默音乐)

- Middle East(中东)

- Polka(波尔卡)

- Russian Navy Song(俄罗斯海军歌曲)

- Suomipop(芬兰流行音乐)

- Tribal(部落)

Song Types(歌曲类型)


- Elevator(电梯音乐)

- Jingle(广告歌曲)

- Muzak(环境音乐)

Call to Prayer(祈祷呼唤)

- Call to Prayer(祈祷呼唤)

- Gregorian Chant(格里高利圣歌)


- Strut(趾高气昂地走)

- March(进行曲)

- I Want Song(渴望之歌)


- Children's(儿童的)

- Lullaby(摇篮曲)

- Sing-along(合唱歌曲)


- 1960s(1960年代)

- Barbershop(理发店四重唱)

- Big Band(大乐队)

- Classic(经典的)

- Doo Wop(一种节奏蓝调风格的音乐)

- Girl Group(女子组合)

- Swing(摇摆乐)

- Traditional(传统的)


- Barbershop(理发店四重唱)

- Christmas Carol(圣诞颂歌)

- Traditional(传统的)

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Q1 What is Suno-Top?

Suno-Top is a free tool for downloading music generated by Suno AI.

Q2 Is Suno-Top free to use?

Yes,Suno-Top is completely free to use. You can download as many songs as you want without any charges.

Q3 Does Suno-Top have any limitations?

No, the Suno- Top has no limitations. You can download as many songs as you want without any restrictions.

Q4 Can I download Suno songs on my mobile device?

yes, you can download songs from Suno-Top on any device (iOS/Android/PC ).

Q5 Where can I find the downloaded songs?

Whether you use pc or mobile device, The downloaded songs can be found in your device's default download directory