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Suno music free download

Suno custom mode skills:Creative AI Music Crafting: Techniques for Live Performances, Beat Enhancements, and Instrumental Nuances

A couple prompts (using custom mode) I’ve had success with:

1. Making it a ‘live performance.’ Really fun for covers.

Styles: “Live audience,” “crowd singing,” “live arena rock,” “live piano ballad,” “live music”

Lyrics: try starting it out with “(talking) how are you feeling out there? Sing it with me! (Crowd cheers)”

2. Add scratching to beats

Styles: “DJ scratching,” “turntablism”

Example Lyrics: “[DJ scratching] (y-y-y-yo) (li-li-listen up)”

3. Being very specific with instruments

Example Style: “Ethiopian jazz piano” will be much less generic than just “piano”

4. For hip hop beats, making it use ‘sampled’ vocals

Styles: “pitched soul sample,” “sampled track” Example Lyrics: “[high pitched soul sample, sped up] (My love) (Ooohhhhh my love)”

5. Vocal effects Styles: “vocoder,” “talk box” (limited success with these)