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Suno music free download

Suno custom mode skills:Duet Dynamics: Crafting Emotional Ballads with AI-Generated Voices

You can get multiple singers and a duet (with a little effort). Add a [Male Voice], [Male Singer] or something similar tag in the lyrics AND add verbage to the style of music (Male Singer, Male Voice, etc.)... The duet is the most difficult part but if you add duet verbage, say male and female voices, etc. to the lyrics and say [Male and Female Voices] in the lyrics you can get it with a few trys. Also using Voices with an "s" definetly helped the generation.


Edited for clarity:

Do a seperate generation for each verse/ chorus that you want to change the singer on, extend and then combine before you extend again, then just extend from the end of the verse (not the end of the song) where you liked the sound!