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Suno music free download

Suno custom mode skills:Mix different types of results

1. I'm trying to mix various genres that normally don't work together.

2. You can even make the vocalist scream by putting [scream] before the lyrics

3. If you part your lyrics into sections like [verse], [pre-chorus], [bridge], [chorus], [instrumental], [drop] etc. it also helps

4. You can even change the song and give it more variability by adding [Change of rythm] (almost always works for me) or if you want to end the song, just add [End of the song]. It works most of the time

5. This works only sometimes, but you can even try to add accents. I found two ways for that:

Write the name of the nationality in the prompt. Like "Russian hiphop" or "spanish pop" etc. and write your lyrics in other language than that like in English for example

Write it straight to the prompt "russian accent" etc.

6. It's weird most of the time but sometimes it's fun. You can change the genre mid song (in extend, write different genre)

7. Trying more specific or underground sub-genres or write the genre as most specific as you can. It can be pretty surprising sometimes how accurate it can be to your imagination.